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Order Returns

If you request a refund or to return an order exclusively due to the quality issues listed before you are eligible to reship the order at no cost, or to simply receive an order credit.

For order reship and credit issuing, follow the steps indicated in section above.

However, if you request a refund or a return due to any other reasons other than the quality issues listed before you may return the order to our fulfillment center. Once our Fulfillment Department receives the returned order, and our staff has confirmed that the items shipped may be repurposed, this means that the items can be used for another order, then Remedyx may issue an order credit to your account for the product wholesale cost only. In this scenario, we will not issue an order credit for the fulfillment and shipping costs.

If the items are opened, or arrive damaged to our fulfillment center, an order credit will not be possible.

To be eligible for an order credit on a returned order based on the conditions established above you must submit a ticket to our Fulfillment Department.
Within that ticket, you must include:

  • Your name.
  • Order number.
  • Indicate that you would like an order credit.

Upon receipt of the ticket with all the above information, Remedyx will notify you of the next course of action along with a time frame of completion.